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actor. singer. dancer. dreamer.



"Jill-Christine is a refined and effervescent entertainer.

With all the endearing qualities of the girl next door and a dash of goofy charisma, her genuine personality and optimism shine through every performance!"

    A native of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, (and no she is not Amish) Jill-Christine was bitten by the acting bug at the age of nine. ​The rest is history! She attended Pace University in the fall of 2011 as a Musical Theatre major and after completing her sophomore year, she was offered her first national tour, Disney's Beauty and the Beast! A true Disney girl to the core, she spent that year on the road running around in the "provincial town" and on occasion, in the iconic blue Belle dress! Since then, regional audiences may remember her in past roles such as; Belle, (Disney's Beauty and the Beast), Carrie Pipperidge, (Carousel), Ariel, (Disney's The Little Mermaid) Sharpay Evans (High School Musical 2),

Louisa, (The Fantasticks), Beth, (Little Women -The Musical).​

Currently, Jill-Christine has been traveling across the globe reprising her role of Maria Rainer in the International Touring production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's The Sound of Music. Having previously toured for two years on the National Tour in the US, she feels ecstatic to return to "the hills of Austria," in this timeless classic! Upcoming markets include Singapore, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Manila, and Mumbai! 


"Life is not about the destination, 

but the journey that gets us there."


Represented by: GBM Management 

Location: New York City, New York, and Downtown Lancaster, PA.





"As Maria, Jill-Christine Wiley is simply superb.

In a joyful musical performance, there is no artifice, no embellishment. Her voice is as true as the words she sings. Wiley also brings a playfulness to the role, which is sublime."

- Vancouver Presents

"Much of the production’s charm is anchored in the strong lead performance of Jill-Christine Wiley as Maria. Wiley seems a natural fit for the role as she wins the hearts of the von Trapp children and of the audience simultaneously. She radiates sweetness, kindness and joy, and her voice was clear and commanding throughout. A particular highlight was “Do-Re-Mi” as Wiley led the children in madrigal-type singing, all while acting with a flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants air that would befit a new governess."

- Desert News (Salt Lake City)

 Jill-Christine Wiley is truly enchanting as Maria. Her spunk, charm, effortless vocals, and expressive performance makes her ideal for the role. Her rendition of "The Sound of Music" is spellbinding and her interaction with the children on stage is perfection.

 - Natasha Ashley, Broadway World 

(Central New York)

"As Maria, Jill-Christine Wiley enchanted the von Trapp family and audience members alike with her boundless energy and zest. Wiley has a crisp and bright voice that embodies the spirit of Maria and has a definitive power from the very first soulful cry of, “The hills are alive!” Her charming physicality played up Maria’s energy, from large flights of sweeping dance to a simple twirl of her sunny dress." 

 - The Gateway (Edmonton)

Wiley as Julie's best friend, Carrie Pipperidge had sparkle and drew well deserved attention like a magnet."

- The Examiner (Phoenix) 

Wiley makes for a vibrant Belle. She instills the character with a keen sense of determination, but she also paints Belle as sweet, spunky, smart and full of life. Wiley has a beautiful singing voice fulled with purity and clarity that delivers some superb versions of the film's familiar tunes as well as a touching take on "A Change in Me," one of the songs written for the stage production."

- Talkin' Broadway (Phoenix)

"The excellent cast is led by Jill-Christine Wiley.

In her overflowing red wig, Wiley is fetching and winsome as Ariel...Her pure soprano sounds great in such numbers as "Part of Your World," which is all the more impressive considering she spends a fair amount of the show strapped to cables that let her "swim" through the air."

- The Arizona Republic (

"As Ariel, Jill-Christine Wiley is very good, giving the part lovely shades of wonder, confusion, and excitement which combines to make Ariel's level of fascination with the human world realistic. She also has a lovely voice adding plenty of warmth to her songs...a sweet and engaging one from Wiley as Ariel..." - Talkin' Broadway (Phoenix)

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